Ultra Mussels Wine Celebration – 29 July 2017

Ultra Mussels Wine Celebration

Den Anker Restaurant, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

29 July 2017, 12:00 till 16:00


Celebrating Winemakers over 40 vs Winemakers under 40


Come ‘mussel’ in on the fun and show us your ‘muscles’ at this year’s Ultra Mussels Wine Celebration.

Mark Norrish, General Manager of Ultra Liquors Wine Division, and noted wine expert, personally selects participants for each year’s tournament. The trendy Den Anker Restaurant will be the host for this fun filled event. This year we will see young winemakers challenge the older wine makers in a friendly tournament, showing off their skills and passion for wine.

The over 40 team will be presenting wines from Saronsberg Wine Cellar, Vondeling Wines, Van Loveren Family Wines, Kanonkop Wine Estate, Beyerskloof and Ormonde Private Cellar while the under 40s will be representing Graham Beck Wines, Haute Cabrière, Delaire Graff Estate, Nederburg Wines, Simonsig Wine Estate and Glenelly Estate.

Tickets cost R260 per person and are available through Webtickets which will include 1kg of fresh mussels, a souvenir wine glass, wine tastings and live entertainment. Limited tickets available. Booking essential. No under 18’s allowed.

Should the supply of mussels be interrupted by a force of nature we will ensure that a suitable replacement dish is provided on the day of the event. Luke Krone Events will again be the muscles behind the scenes ensuring that a fun-filled experience is had by all.

For further information or queries contact Luke Krone Events,
Mobile: 082 354 9007 Email: luke@lukekrone.com

Insert the Love – Styled Shoot

The shoot was intended to be thought provoking, whimsical and slightly different from the norm. Working with the talented photographer, Cassandra Collet was an absolute pleasure as she has a unique way of capturing the finer details and really helped make the shoot come alive. As styled shoots give inspiration on design and the latest trends, this shoot shows all of this but also carries a beautiful underlying message.

Luke Krone Events can create the most beautiful weddings in the most magnificent venues but it is up to the couple getting married to remember to ‘’insert the love’’ the most important ingredient to the picture perfect wedding day.

Often people start dreaming about their wedding day long before they meet the person they want to marry. So when it comes to planning your actual wedding, you can often find yourself caught up in the details and forget what it’s really about, love. It was this exact insight that inspired Luke Krone to capture the picture perfect wedding with one tiny detail unattended to – the groom.

By replacing the groom with a mannequin, Luke plants the question, what is one’s wedding day really about?  Inspired by a ‘Brechtian Theatre’ – a style of theatre that relies on the audience’s reflective detachment rather than emotional involvement, Luke hopes to provoke rational self-reflection, reminding us to reflect on what is real.

To read more about the Shoot visit Wedding Inspirations Magazine

Concept, styling and co-ordination: Luke Krone Events  | Photographer: Cass Collett | Decor items: Downings Event Hire | Flowers: Carolines Flowers | Dresses:  Kobus Dippenaar |

Groom suite: JJ Man by Kobus Dippenaar | Hair & Makeup: Mika Lamb | Jewellery: Black Betty by Kristin Weixelbaumer | Venue Wine: Bilton Wines | Champagne: Billecart-Salmon

Food: Showroom Stellenbosch | Cocktails: Puremix Cocktails  | Cake: Helena Ogonowski Cakes |  Stationary: Roy Neubert Design  | Table Cloths: Table Cloth Hiring Company


Bride: Kerry-Lee Cousins  | Groom: Kenneth aka Ken from Display Scenes  | Bridesmaid: Dante Roets |  Mother of the bride: Annelize Joubert | Flower girl: Anouchska Zoutendyk

Party tip #1 Cleaning & preparing your Champagne Glasses

Party tip #1: Cleaning and preparing your Champagne Glasses

Preparation of your glasses are often overlooked and your glasses are after all your guest’s link to the delicious nectar that they will enjoy at your celebration, it is therefor important to ensure your glasses are prepared correctly for a more enjoyable taste experience.  

My mom always taught me to make sure her Champagne glasses are prepared correctly, so I asked her if she would be willing to share her ‘secret tips’ with us.

Here we have Mary Krone’s secret tips to ensure that your Champagne glasses will continuously sparkle.

 1. Always try to serve Champagne and/ Méthode Cap Classique Sparkling Wine in champagne glasses

– preferably the flute shape (instead of the old flat, shallow glass, known as the coupé) as the bubbles are then more noticeable and, as we all know, enjoyment is as much to do with what excites the eye, as with what the tastebuds perceive.

 2. Probably the most important aspect as far as presentation is concerned is to do with:


 – wash in hot, soapy water

 – rinse very well with clean, clear, hot water

 – dry with paper towel or a dedicated glass cloth (fluff-free)


 – store glasses upright in a clean, airy cupboard OR hang them upside-down

 – never store wine glasses in ‘aromatic’ wooden cupboards

 – sniff any batch of glasses before serving wines or sparkling wines in order to ensure that the glasss are neutral – even when they come out of storage boxes or trays.


 If there is residue of any detergent or ‘rinse aid’ (as used in automatic dishwashers) left on the inner surface of the glass, the bubbles will not have anywhere from which to ‘kick-off’ and the sparkling wine will appear to be flat.

 However, when you then take a sip, it feels like an explosion in your mouth, pushing your cheeks outwards as the bubbles kick-off inside your mouth.


 Some fanatical champagne and sparkling wine aficionados use a diamond drill to gently scratch the base of their special champagne flute glasses in order to have a rough spot from which those fascinating bubbles start their journey to the top. Quite symbolic – a journey from the rough spot in the depths, rising all the way to the top…