LKE is itself a wonderful story that has stood the test of time – and it all started with family, history and champagne.

I had the wild privilege of growing up on one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates, a beautiful place steeped in a legacy spanning 12 generations. It was there that my ethos of hard work, of creativity and elegance, and my love for tradition were nurtured. It was also there that I first discovered how deeply satisfying it is to design events that bring joy and warmth to people’s spirits. While our family no longer owns the estate, their passion and purpose inspire me to stay true to my principles – and to recreate and grow, no matter what.

Today, LKE is a sought-after wedding and social events company, known for everything I’m proud of: flair, excellence, creativity and warmth. As our portfolio has grown, our commitment to magical, memory-making events has only intensified because we are deeply motivated by our clients’ “wow!”.

“Luke is by far one of the most creative, fun and lovely people I have ever worked with. When I think of him the word ‘quality’ – in every aspect – springs to mind.”

South African actress and director

“Luke is someone with a great passion for the civilised aspects of life and has a great understanding of how a particular project should function or not … In Luke I see someone that observes, appreciates, then judges and does what is necessary…”

Cellar Master, De Wetshof Wine Estate

“Luke is a perfectionist without being arrogant about it. He has a creative vision and a strong artistic streak to him, which suits the occasion – business or romantic! I’ve had the pleasure to observe and experience Luke in action – it was most admirable!”

Former General Manager, Red Carnation Hotels, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

“Working with Luke was an absolute dream! He is creative, organised and he took complete ownership of the project we worked on. I can highly recommend Luke to anyone looking for a planner or stylist for any event.”

International wedding photographer, blogger and co-founder of The Pretty Blog


“I can attest that Luke has an ‘ear’ for detail – he hears what his clients want and delivers remarkably beyond expectations!”


“Luke Krone has a unique feel for what his clients want – and he delivers, in fact, over delivers. Hosts and guests feel pampered knowing that a true professional has taken care of every minute detail. Very relaxing.”

South African Wine and Food Commentator