The Blushing Bride is a favourite in South African bouquets, finding its way into many a bridal arrangement. It’s great fun learning about the history behind this bloom. My father tells the story like this:

The legend bonding this delicate indigenous Cape Protea to romance and love dates back some 325 years ago! Its name originates in the folklore story of the young French Huguenot suitors or ‘lovers’ who would reveal their intentions to a potential bride by presenting her with a bouquet of the beautiful ivory-pink blush blooms. The amorous Adonis (or admirer), inspired after a hike high in the mountains (which also led to the Afrikaans nickname “bergbruidjie”) left the flattered young lady unusually embarrassed or excited, flushed and blushing. As the event was watched and witnessed by quizzical family and friends, the flower got its romantic name of Blushing Bride.

Serruria Florida, the latin botanical name for this beloved flower, means “free flowering”.