In our explorations to tell a bride’s personal story, we came across a word that captured our imagination:

After some digging, we discovered that this word is used to talk about God resting after creating the world – though not in the sense of God taking a nap because he was tired. Rather, it was used in the sense of God celebrating and delighting in what he had created because that celebration was the exclamation point after a job well done.

That’s when we realised afresh why we love what we do. Because,

Life is fast.

It’s crammed with meetings and deadlines and smart phones and notifications and always being wired and making and working and creating and organising and managing and go go go and more and MORE of all this.

Eventually, we run empty because creating – working – is not complete without the other part of the circle – menuha.

Menuha is about CELEBRATING. These menuha moments round out our lives, refresh us, give us life and energy and joy, for the next round of creating.

And so, it is exactly these menuha moments that we envision for you and your family, whenever you celebrate. May you party with renewed purpose.