Would you believe it, one of our birthday parties has been featured in VISI magazine (one of our favourite magazines)! We are thrilled beyond words and so proud of the team that made this gorgeous event possible.



50 is a reason to celebrate

The birthday boy was Kobus Dippenaar, one of South Africa’s best loved couturiers. He turned 50 – and that alone is reason to celebrate. People often think of us as wedding planners, but the reality is that we love doing any type of social event – just give us a reason to celebrate.

Kobus knew he wanted something different. Being the creative that he is, he had about a thousand different ideas with a new one each day. But finally he decided to make a weekend of it, and picked Sea Shack at Paternoster as the party place. We loved his pick, because it gave us a different locale to work with and from which to take our inspiration.

How we choose our decor

We often get asked how we choose our decor. The reality is that there are so many things which influence the decisions we make.

We take our inspiration from the person themself – their personality, memories and favourite things. A venue might inspire us, and certainly we’re inspired by current trends. It’s an intuitive process, and one that we love.

In this case, Kobus had fond childhood memories which we worked together with him on threading throughout. The metal and the wood and the Delft – these are all aspects that personify and reflect Kobus himself. He has a love for contrasts, for blue, for timeless beauty. He loves classiness with a splash of whimsicalness and fun. This is why the vintage lace dream catchers were so on cue. Kobus brought many of his own ideas to the table, and it was a pleasure to weave them together into a seamless narrative.

Go to our gallery of the event to see more photographs.

Tips to make your celebration personal

You might want to throw a party for a friend or a loved one, or even for yourself. Here are three of our top tips:

  • When it comes to colour, pick a colour you like and then use it sparingly, balanced by neutrals. So in this case, Kobus liked blue and red, so we brought in blue in the plates and red in the feathers that we tied to the napkins and name tags.
  • Find a way to add your own personal touch, whether that is handwritten place cards, or hand-picked greenery, or candles that you arrange in layered tiers, so that you actually enjoy the preparation of the details. Celebrations go by so quickly, I find I want to enjoy the preparations too, because they’re just as much fun as the party themselves.
  • Weave a memory through your event. What does this mean? Do some brainstorming! For example, if you associate balloons with the beach because of a childhood memory, then think about creative ways to introduce balloons at your event.